Kline Van and Specialty Rental

Doug Brockman
1550 SW Market St Ste 200
Lees Summit , MO  64081-3132
Phone: 816-554-3344
Fax: 816-554-3348

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Transportation - Car/Truck/Van Rental
Transportation - Bus Companies
Transportation - Fleet Rental/Leasing
Transportation - General

Kline Van & Specialty Rental is one of the nation’s top rental and leasing companies, providing vehicles to hundreds of camps and adventure groups. Headed by Doug Brockman, COO, with over 25 years of personal leasing experience, Kline Van & Specialty Rental is viewed by its customers as a trusted advisor, providing strategic advice and tips as well as detailed knowledge on rental and leasing as it applies to their business. Having ordered, financed, delivered, and returned over $250 million of all types of vehicles, we know how to get it done. Finding the best solution takes experience, knowledge, flexibility, as well as having the contacts and willingness to go that extra mile, because we believe that every customer’s needs are different and equally important. We work with companies from coast to coast, some with vastly different or multiple leasing needs. Kline values forming close relationships along the way with each customer. At Kline, we don’t believe in locking our customers in; we want to earn your business each and every year! We have a very large percentage of repeats, a testament that we are succeeding in our efforts! Contact us today and ask about how Kline’s superior service, flexibility and value can add to your bottom line!

Testimonial: “As a national provider of rental & lease vehicles, the ACA National Conference and Expo is one of our best opportunities to meet our customers. While regional shows are nice, the ACA National show rotates it’s venue locations across the country from year to year, so camps that may not usually travel far may attend when the show is closer to them. And with a great number of camps who do attend annually, the result is a mix of customers (camp directors and vendors) that does not occur anywhere else in the country. We’ve had a number of new and innovative ideas spark up from talking to camps from different regions in the same conversations about their needs! Our services and abilities to successfully meet every camp’s

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