Hongzhou Learning

Lu Chen
Lu Chen, 2130 Building
Youlehui, Chaoyang District , Beijing  . CHINA

Other Phone: hzlearning@163.com


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Cultural Exchange
International Camper Recruitment
Staff Recruitment - International

Hongzhou Learning is an organization specialized in cultural, international and educational exchange activities, which has rich resources both in home and abroad. It is located in Beijing--the political, economic, cultural center in China. The company adheres to the mission that it should "Bring-in and Go-out" and holds the work style of integrity., innovation, profession and efficient. It provides a platform to the students, organizations, institutions and enterprises all over world for their international cooperation. We are conducting a camp counselor exchange program in China, which is greatly welcomed by the colleges and universities students. We do presentations to students with good English Proficiency, and professional training is provided as well. The training material is covered the purpose of the exchange of the camp counselor program, explain the cultural component of the summer work travel program, how to work as an excellent counselor, some skills training, etc.. All the efforts we made are to make them qualified to be camp counselors. We hope you could open your camp to Chinese students as counselors and they will not let you down.

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